Cardi B Explained Her Obsession With World War II History And Why It’s Such A ‘Moment’ For Her

As Cardi B says in her new interview with Hot Ones, anyone who knows her knows she’s a big history buff. And as she reveals in the interview, her favorite era of US History is World War II (she’s just like your dad!). She explains why as she struggles through the pain of munching on the “world’s hottest wings” (using her ultra long nails as “tweezers” to pick them up!).

“I’m obsessed with World War II,” she says, recalling her visit to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s house. “I’m obsessed with just learning everything about it so for me to just be in the same room that Churchill and FDR was discussing the nuke, it was just such a moment for me.” She enjoyed talking about the moment so much, that she actually recovered from the 8th wing, the infamous Da Bomb (of course, there’s also a slick edit from the Hot Ones team, so it definitely took a while).

Cardi’s album rollout is off to a great start; between releasing “Bongos” with Megan Thee Stallion, performing it at the VMAs, and delivering an all-timer interview with Hot Ones, Cardi’s name should be lingering on listeners’ tongues the way Da Bomb did on hers. You can watch the full Hot Ones interview above.

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