Doja Cat Shows Off A New Bat Skeleton Tattoo On Her Back, But Fans Are Divided On The Piece’s Messaging

Doja Cat has embodied a cow in her viral song “MOOO!” and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s blue-cream tortie Birman cat Choupette at the 2023 Met Gala, but now she’s looking to change it up. Designer duds weren’t the only thing the “Kill Bill” rapper left New York City with. In a series of images uploaded to the entertainer’s Instagram page, she shared an epic new bat skeleton tattoo that spans across the entirety of her back.

Last month, the musician set the internet ablaze after sharing a picture of her previous tattoo. Users called the singer “demonic” and declared the ink was proof that she was recruited into the secret society group, the Illuminati. Doja jumped on Twitter to address it, writing, “If ur calling me demonic, honestly werk cuz like I love that u ate fr.”

Then taking to Instagram to provide further context behind the tattoo, reference images that served as the inspiration behind the piece, captioned, “Your fear is not my problem.” In the images of 15th-century artist Fortunio Licenti, the hybrid figures spoke to the public’s perception of human physical deformities.

Even after the explanation, users weren’t sold on the musician’s creative liberties on her own body. Now, with her new bat tattoo, done by New York City-based artist Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy of Bang Bang Tattoo, many believe that it serves as further confirmation that she’s been indoctrinated. “Her soul is gone forever,” “sold her soul,” and “she’s literally telling us she’s has been initiated” were just a few of those opposed to the tattoos’ remarks.

On the other hand, fans chimed in on Doja Cat’s behalf in the comment section declaring her ‘Doja Bat.’ One wrote, “The fact that she has to post the symbolic meaning so people won’t accuse her of devil worship is wild,” referring to the gallery images posted with the bat emoji caption.

Another user wrote, “They better not run with this! The wild thing is they understand dark whimsical beauty cuz they all were just obsessed with ‘Wednesday Adams’ on Netflix, and it was not once called satanic or Illuminati. mainstream culture picks and choose who to go on witch-hunts after.”

“It’s just an anatomical bat tattoo. How do y’all really equate that with devil worship? Bc she trolls you and feeds into your delusion for fun? Gain some common sense,” wrote one fan.

It doesn’t seem to be a response to the war in her comment section; in her latest upload to the platform, Doja Cat shares a picture of her flipping off the paparazzi while she’s en route to the Met Gala.