Doja Cat Teases Snippets Of Her New Album And Shares The Possible Tracklist

Doja Cat is having fun messing around with her fans about her new album. The follow-up to 2021’s singular Planet Her is highly anticipated and rumors abound, mostly started by the singer herself. For instance, she has continuously backtracked on what genre it will be: rave-influenced, rap, R&B, punk, not pop.

As if that’s not enough, Doja has fans confused about what it will be called. She’s teased the title Hellmouth and then claimed it was “not Hellmouth anymore,” and instead Moist Holes. Of course, fans did not take that at face value.

Yesterday (April 17), the “Woman” performer shared an Instagram Story that seemed to unveil the LP tracklist, which included 19 songs. It displays questionable titles such as “Wet Vagina,” “Gun,” and “Ouchies.”

Afterward, she went on Instagram Live and played snippets of songs to build up the hype even further. Luckily, the stream has since been shared to YouTube and can be viewed. During it, she says, “You’re probably wondering how I’m hearing this for the first time when it’s my song, but whenever I make a song or an album, I’m so high that I forget what it sounds like until I come back to it.”

Watch the video of Doja’s livestream above. Look at the possible tracklist below.

1. “Love Life”
2. “Attention”
3. “Go Off Lil Mama”
4. “Paint The Town Red”
5. “Gun”
6. “Demons”
7. “Skull N Bones”
8. “Balut”
9. “Agora Hills”
10. “97”
11. “Wet Vagina”
12. “Loonie”
13. “Can’t Wait”
14. “Ouchies”
15. “Often”
16. “Disrespectful”
17. “NHIE”
18. “FTG”
19. “Seeing Stars”