Donald Glover Says He ‘Feels Like Jesus’ As Childish Gambino Prepares To Disappear

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Donald Glover is ever the enigma when it comes to musical creation, going under the pseudonym Childish Gambino to differentiate himself from his real-life actor persona, and being a bit difficult to place when it comes to musical style. A recent interview may explain his otherworldly behavior, though, as the artist says he “feels like Jesus” in his need to create classic work. It’s not that he feels like he is “saving” music, so much as he feels like there is work to be done in the realm of music that he is not sure people are ready to accept.

Glover told XXL Magazine, “I feel like Jesus. I do feel chosen. My struggle is to use my humanity to create a classic work — but I don’t know if humanity is worth it, or if we’re going to make it. I don’t know if there’s much time left.”

Gambino/Glover has definitely made strides in entertainment, enjoying much success in both acting and music, and having a successful run in a Netflix standup comedy special. His style of writing in both the hit FX show Atlanta and his albums have been widely praised and even compared to some of the greats who have gone before him. Much like Jesus, though, Childish Gambino is set to disappear, as Glover has announced the retirement of his musical persona, but his legacy is sure to live on past his disappearance.