Donald Trump Is A Fan Of Jay Z And Kim Kardashian

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11.20.15 3 Comments
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Here’s a sentence that would look like absolute gibberish to a time-traveler from the ’90s: Donald Trump gave an interview to Yahoo! Politics on November 19 and revealed that he’s a fan of Kim Kardashian, Jay Z and Taylor Swift.

The stanning came during a bit of free-association where The Donald was asked to say the first word that came to mind given a name or phrase. It started out with current and the names of other candidates (ISIS is “evil,” Sen. Marco Rubio is a “lightweight”) before turning toward pop culture.

When the interviewer offered “Taylor Swift,” Trump said “Terrific.” For Jay Z, his response was “good guy.” His love of Kim K was stronger than that, however. It was enough to make him break the rules of the game.

Trump had this to say when Kim’s name popped up.

“Well, look, she was so nice to me. I mean, every time I see her, she’s just — I’m just going to say she was always nice to me.”

Maybe Trump’s trying to get on their good side so that these stars don’t join the ever-growing list of celebs who have publicly trashed Trump and his candidacy, though it would probably take a miracle to swing Jay from his Democratic convictions.

(Via Yahoo! Politics)

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