Don't Worry, Middle-Aged White Women, Christopher Cross Didn't Die Last Night

Twitter makes liars out of us all. Because we’re able to immediately react to a story on the social media platform, to millions of people no less, sometimes we get the facts wrong. Not “we” meaning UPROXX — we really do believe this Bear Grylls snake bite photo is THE WORST THING EVER — but the Grand We. Which is all to say: Christopher Cross is not sailing, nay, riding like the wind to Heaven this morning.

Last night, news broke that Chris Kelly, of the rap duo Kriss Kross, had passed away, at the age of 34. Needless to say, Chris Kelly is not Christopher Cross, the soft rock pioneer who makes all the middle-aged ladies wish he was their “minstrel gigolo.” He’s still alive, still doing the best he can do (now I’m out of Christopher Cross references), still not wearing his jeans backward. Don’t tell that to Twitter, though.

WAIT. David Cross is dead?