Dr. Dre Was Handcuffed And Searched By Police Outside His Home After A Man Allegedly Said He Pulled A Gun

Entertainment Editor

Dr. Dre was handcuffed and searched by police outside his Malibu home in what is being reported by TMZ as a road rage incident. According to reports, a car was parked in front of Dre’s house. When the hip hop legend asked him to move his car, the man did so, but then allegedly began to curse out Dre. In response, Dre grabbed his phone to record the incident, to which the man allegedly replied, “Here we go again another black guy with a gun.” The man then, according to reports, called the sheriff who quickly swooped down on Dre’s residence.

After being handcuffed and searched for weapons, of which there were none, police let Dre go without incident. You can see in the video above that the Malibu police took this extremely seriously. If you’ve seen Straight Outta Compton (and lived for the last few decades), you know Dre and the police have had a long history. We also know that Dr. Dre is something of a social recluse, saying publicly (ironically) that he has social anxiety and likes to stay out of the limelight. It’s probably incidents such as this that adds to him wanting to not deal with the general public.

Could this have been an elaborate troll job?

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