Drake Canceled An Amsterdam Show After The Opener Already Performed

Drake canceled a performance in Amsterdam for the third time this year. That’s no big deal, Amsterdam natives have to be used to the More Life singer bailing on them at this point. But what makes this particular no-show special is the fact fans had already been let in to the city’s Ziggo Dome.

An employee for Mojo Concerts, who put on the show, was tasked with telling the arena crowd that Drake wouldn’t be there, as he was suffering from an unspecified illness. The crowd thanked her for her troubles by chucking drinks at her, which you can see in the video up top.

“I’m really sorry to tell you that tonight’s show cannot take place,” she said. “Drake got sick. His doctor told him not to perform. Tickets will stay valid for the show on Wednesday as he wishes to bring his fans the best show in the world.” TMZ is reporting that the 6 God was felled by some bad sushi.

Drake had previously postponed tour dates in Amsterdam on January 20 and 21. Those dates were pushed to January 26 and 27 before being re-scheduled again for March 27 and 28. This latest no-show has been rescheduled for this Wednesday (March 29).

If you’re a fan of Drake and you live in Amsterdam, you might actually be justified in feeling some type of way about him.