Drake Confirmed That ‘Her Loss’ Completes A Trilogy With ‘Certified Lover Boy’ And ‘Honesty, Nevermind’

It turns out Drake’s flurry of activity this year — releasing Honestly, Nevermind in the wake of his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy, then following up with the surprise release of Her Loss with 21 Savage just a few months later — was all part of a plan. Although the albums may seem to be unrelated to each other and vary in their approaches and sounds, Drake says that thematically, they form a trilogy that follows the dissolution and aftermath of a relationship — a common subject in his music as a whole.

In an interview that found its way to Twitter via audio clips, Drake calls Her Loss the conclusion of this trilogy and compares it to a middlingly popular millennial jam, “No Pigeons” by Sporty Thievs, which was a spiteful response to TLC’s “No Scubs.” “We got CLB, Certified Lover Boy, that was like, ‘I’m trying my best to make her love [me], I’m chasing you,’” he explains. “And then Honestly, Nevermind is the realization that maybe that lifestyle is not for me.”

Finally, he says, “Then Her Loss is like ‘No Pigeons.'”

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake calls Her Loss one of his top five albums, but there seems to be some disagreement among his fans.