Drake Popped Up At His Cousin’s Prom Because He’s The Best Cousin Ever

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Best Day Everrrr😍😍😍👑🤞🏽 @champagnepapi

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When it all boils down to it, Drake is apparently nothing if not an incredibly devoted and supportive family man. Last year he popped up at his goddaughter’s college volleyball game to cheer her on, and even met up with the whole team, which of course became a great Drake meme. Earlier this year he popped up at a little fellow’s birthday party, and ended up crossing paths with his ex Rihanna, which of course became another great Drake meme. Now, he’s going to prom.

Yes, Saturday night Drizzy popped up at his cousin Jalaah’s prom at Memphis’ Fairley High School because what else is there to do for a super-mega-ultra star to do on a Saturday night, right? Drake’s connections to his father’s family in Memphis are constant fodder for his music, and this isn’t the first time Jalaah has been the object of his social media affection either. Back in October he praised his little cousin for winning homecoming queen for all of the world to see.

From the looks of it, Drake wasn’t Jalaah’s date, just her super chill, and maybe a little bit famous, older cousin playing chaperone and giving her a nice send off.

Now, it’s time for this to become another great Drake Meme, and this might be the best place to start.