Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Finds Him Dealing ‘With Some Controversial Things’ According To Lil Yachty

Drake‘s new album For All the Dogs is highly anticipated after false release dates and controversial rumors. It’s finally coming out on September 22, and Lil Yachty discussed it on his A Safe Place podcast with MitchGoneMad.

“It sounds current, you know? It sounds very current,” he said. “It’s interesting, it’s coming together a lot better than I thought when I — I just had a talk with him a couple days ago in Vancouver and I was like, ‘Man…’ I was a little worried, ’cause I have a lot of the songs, I don’t have all of ’em, I have a lot of ’em though. And I was just like, ‘Man, I just don’t know if it’s — how are you gon’ put this together? Because it’s a lot of great songs but they don’t really — in my brain, I was like, they didn’t really sound together. And then we had a talk about it and he explained to me his thought process about it. And we drove somewhere, we drove to that video shoot which was like an hour away, and we listened to it, and it makes sense now.”

He continued, “It has the most, I would say like the most ‘performance’ album he’ll have, as far as like energy. … I think some of the best Drake verses that I ever heard are on this album.”

“Some of the verses I’m just like, ‘Bruh, what’s wrong with you?’ You know what I’m saying?” he said. “People gonna have a lot to say about some of his topics on this album. And I don’t think he does it on purpose, I think it’s just him — he just has a real… I will say he deals with some controversial things.”

Watch the podcast episode above.