Drake Is ‘Not Trolling’ Kanye West By Sampling Kim Kardashian’s Voice On A Song He Previewed

Last week, Drake previewed a new song, tentatively titled “Rescue Me,” during The Fry Yiy Show on his SiriusXM Radio station Sound 42. Between verses, the song samples Kim Kardashian, taking a clip of her expressing her tenacious nature during the 2021 season finale and juxtaposing it with Drake’s own persistence. “I didn’t come this far, just to come this far and not be happy, remember that,” she says in the sample.

Fans took this to mean that the Canadian star was once again baiting his old rival Kanye West, who was divorced from Kardashian in 2022, despite the two rappers ending their feud in late 2021. However, Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, shot down that fan theory in the comments of a TMZ Instagram post about it, admonishing fans to let the beef go as the rappers themselves have. “Drake is not trolling anyone, it’s just a song,” he wrote. “Why try and create a Kanye and Drake beef again???????????????”

Drake and Kanye officially settled their dispute in 2021 with their Free Larry Concert in Los Angeles, with Kanye determining that he would “play all Drake music” during basketball games at his now-defunct Donda Academy. Of course, Drake’s also Jewish, so he probably didn’t enjoy West’s displays of rampant antisemitism last year — but he’s also probably too busy showing appreciation to J. Cole to be too worried about Kanye these days.