Drake Admits Pusha T Won Their Battle But Says ‘Nobody Cares About This Guy’

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world, Drake has always been notoriously hesitant to do interviews with all but the most respected outlets, giving only a handful of sit-downs to magazines and radio shows in the last few years. However, just before Christmas, he gave fans the gift of a two-hour conversation with the hosts of the Rap Radar podcast, which is now available exclusively on Tidal.

During the interview, he talks about being one of the most influential artists of the past decade, from his humble and unlikely start as a Canadian rap anomaly to his most recent successes with songs like “God’s Plan,” his first Hot 100 No. 1. He also talks about the low points of his career as well, including the 2018 battle with Pusha T that revealed that he’d recently had a son. Surprisingly, he admits that he agrees with the seeming fan consensus that Pusha won, but denies holding back the information for a marketing deal with Adidas. He also rejects the possibility of a reconciliation with his onetime hero.

“I have no desire to ever mend anything with that person,” Drake said. “I tip my hat to the chess move, it was a genius move… It warranted my first “loss” in the competitive sport of rapping — by choice, obviously. Because I bowed out after realizing the gap between us allowed him to drop a bomb on the world that really became all anyone cared about. I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t get outbarred… I just realized that nobody cares about this guy, so there’s not really much I can say better than ‘Drake has a baby.’ So he won.”

Elsewhere in the interview Drake does talk about reconciling with Meek Mill and Jay-Z, while also sharing his views on hashtag activism, planning to sign a female artist, the jokes about his OVO writing camps, and the things he’s most proud of. Watch the full interview here.