Drake Reveals The Ridiculous Cover Art For His New Album

Oh, Drakey Drakey Drake. (shakes head)

Drake revealed the cover art for his new album “Nothing Was The Same” tonight, and boy (wipes sweat from forehead) it’s a doozy. When you’re going for cover art, Drake, don’t go for something that looks like it was airbrushed at a mall. When you’re going for cover art, don’t throw an overtly heavy nod (or some might say, rip off) one of the biggest rap artists of all time, Notorious B.I.G.  

The art was done by Kadir Nelson, who has work featured on stamps. Obviously. Because if there’s one thing you can say about the super weird new album cover art, it’s that it looks like it should be on some Canadian stamp in the future.

Twitter had a lot to say about it:







(h/t: OVOSound)

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