Drake And Rihanna Are ‘Definitely’ Dating

Getty Image

Drake and Rihanna appear ready to try the relationship thing one more time. After the MTV’s VMAs kiss sent the speculation sky high, the new couple alert has been confirmed, per a report by Entertainment Tonight.

“They are fully dating,” a source in Rihanna’s camp told ET. There aren’t a ton of details given, except the tidbit that it’s definitely official. “No one really knows how long they have been ‘official’,’ the source said, “they just decided to let it become a thing instead of hiding it from everyone.”

For now, the new tidbit is all there is by way of a confirmation. But, did anyone really need a concrete answer after Sunday night? Drake’s a great actor so he may have been selling it, but Rihanna’s reaction was a real enough indication she was buying it. Even if she isn’t, fans are eating up the idea of the two stars’ respective paths aligning when both artists are at their peak. Add in “the curve” and the kiss selfie and that’s all fans need to start calling for a wedding and for Ms. Fenty to change her last name to Graham.

The report goes on to indicate the new couple flew to Miami together on Monday night as the rapper prepared to continue his Summer Sixteen tour on Tuesday. Maybe they’ll take the stage together for an intimate performance of “Take Care” so we know it’s real?