Even Drake Is Begging Rihanna To Release Her Highly Anticipated New Album

If there’s one thing Rihanna fans want, it’s a new album. Her last record was 2016’s Anti, and pretty much since then, her followers have been hounding her for new material. Now, even Drake has added his voice to that choir.

Both Drake and Rihanna were watching an Instagram Live DJ battle between DJ Spade Muzik and DJ Night Owl Sound last night. When Drake noticed that Rihanna was also watching, he commented, “Rihanna drop R12 right now.” Rihanna’s fans have referred to Rihanna’s next album, her ninth, as “R9,” so Drake played off the fact the record has been a long time coming by increasing the number.

Rihanna joked, “They brought a celebrity to the clash…weak!” Drake responded, “Hahahahhahahaha yo u have a bad attitude @badgalriri,” to which Rihanna fired back, “Give drake some water.”

Rihanna recently admitted that she gets a kick out of antagonizing her fans over her next album’s release date, saying, “I like to antagonize my fans a little bit. Well, they antagonize me too! So, they get it right back.” She also divulged not long ago that she was spending some time in the studio with Pharrell, with whom she recently collaborated on the 2017 N.E.R.D single “Lemon.”