Drake Hilariously Thinks His 1-Year-Old Son Adonis’ Artwork Is Better Than Picasso


Drake may have kept his son a secret for some time after his birth, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from being a proud papa. The rapper posted a painting made by the one-year-old Adonis on Christmas, comparing it to abstract master Picasso. “Adonis > Picasso don’t @ me,” he wrote, clearly setting the bar pretty high for the little Graham should he ever actually want to go into the visual arts.

Despite Drake’s best efforts to keep his crazy, celebrity world away from his infant son, the child’s existence was revealed to the world in possibly the most dramatic fashion possible when Drake’s rap rival Pusha T infamously spat “you are hiding a child” during their feud over this summer. While Drake later said he believed that Pusha received the information from Kanye West, with whom Drake had been working on music, both Kanye and Pusha have vehemently denied that the “Lift Yourself” producer leaked the info.

Instead, Pusha says longtime Drake associate and producer Noah “40” Shebib shared with a fling, who later told Pusha. Either way, Adonis is no longer a secret, although neither Drake and Adonis’ mother Sophie Brussaux (who is also a painter) have ever posted a photo of the baby. It looks like they’re more than willing to share his burgeoning talent with the world though.