Wizkid And Drake Tap Into Their ‘One Dance’ Vibes On This New Single ‘Come Closer’

Back in February, a brand new collaboration between Drake and Nigerian singer Wizkid was dropped into the mix on OVO Sound Radio. Back then, the song went by the name “Hush Up The Silence,” and fans having been waiting for it to drop ever since. The wait is over. Today, Wizkid finally unveiled the official version, but with a new title: “Come Closer.”

Tapping into the DNA of their previous collaboration, the Views album standout “Once Dance,” the new single has a breezy, tropical, dancehall vibe that’s instantly endearing. Wizkid handles the vocal duties up front, singing about familiar themes like girls and money: “Came into the game, no one replace me/Me love my Hennessy straight with no chaser/All of my guys know me all about me paper/Me got me girls all around me, me no chaser, yah.”

Drake takes over midway through to rap about subjects that are instantly familiar to most fans; his disdain for drama as well as his emotional unavailabilty. “Too mix up in drama to go outside/Too mix up in drama to free my mind/Jealous people around me, I need to change my life/I just turn colder every time I try.”

Much like his work on his most recent project More Life, this new track is another step taken by Drake to embrace new sounds from across the globe. We’re very much here for it.

Listen to “Come Closer” above.