It Looks Like Drake Won’t Have To Give A Deposition In The Case Of XXXTentacion’s Murder After All

As of today (February 14) Drake reportedly is no longer required to sit for a deposition in the case of the murder of rapper XXXTentacion, according to TMZ.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Drake was subpoenaed to give a deposition by attorney Mauricio Padilla, who is representing suspect Dedrick Williams in the case. If he failed to show up to deposition, which was scheduled for February 24, he would be required to appear in court on February 27.

Drake’s legal team reportedly told the court that the aforementioned subpoena was unreasonable, as there is no sort of evidence potentially linking Drake to the murder.

“It is both unreasonable and oppressive to subpoena an out-of-state party who has not been mentioned in any reports, any investigation, or referenced to have any involvement in this matter,” Drake’s attorney Bradford M. Cohen wrote, according to ;Billboard. “To mandate that he appear for deposition for something that he very clearly has no relevant knowledge of is unreasonable.”

It appears that Judge Michael A. Usan agreed with Cohen’s statement, and has therefore has exempt Drake from giving a deposition or in court.

Though, TMZ also reports that there is still time for Padilla to convince Judge Husan there’s some other cause for Drake to be deposed, and issue a new subpoena, however, time is running out.