Dreezy Explains A Recently Surfaced Video Of Jacquees Attacking A Man In Mexico

When a video of hit-covering R&B singer Jacquees attacking a man in Mexico surfaced online recently, it amassed a significant number of views in a relatively short time. Jacquees’s girlfriend, Chicago rapper Dreezy, quickly logged onto Instagram to explain the situation on Live. In Dreezy’s words, Jacquees was defending her after an altercation between the two men escalated, with the unknown man striking Dreezy, prompting Jacquees to take action.

“A grown man put his hands on me yesterday,” she said. “That man y’all seen on the floor punched me in my face yesterday over some stuff he had going on with Jacquees. They had their little altercation, I walked up to see what was going on, and I got swung on. Jacquees did what he had to do. He bodyslammed that n****, kicked him in his face… that’s why he was on the floor. I didn’t even get to touch the n****. That’s why y’all see me get mad and throw my shoe because security was pulling me back, y’all know how it is when it’s an altercation.”

The scuffle was captured on video by a fan who was watching from a balcony. You can see the altercation and Dreezy’s explanation above.