What Are The Ice Spice Dunkin Donuts Munchkin Drink Nutritional Facts?

Ice Spice’s recent partnership with Dunkin Donuts has taken the internet by storm — particularly for its interesting ingredients. For those who are unfamiliar with the drink, the coffee chain blends a few of their pumpkin munchkins into their frozen coffee before topping it with whipped cream and caramel.

Some on social media have also dissected the drink’s nutritional facts, as it clearly contains a lot of sugar. Users were also shocked by the blending and creation process.

Here’s what to know before going to get it.

According to Dunkin Donuts, the calorie count for the various sizes of the Ice Spice drink are: 590 for a small size, 830 for a medium, and 1080 for a large. With each drink, they also adjust the ingredient level and how many munchkins are blended in.

While the exact nutrition facts haven’t been updated for the coffee chain in a few months, Popsugar was able to estimate some other stats. The publication points out that a small size would have around 44 grams of sugar, based on the previous information provided about how much the syrups and munchkins are.

This number would then obviously increase when adjusted for the larger sizes.

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