Ed Sheeran Fights A Sumo Wrestler And Gets Rescued By A Girl In The ‘Shape of You’ Video

Earlier this month, Ed Sheeran unveiled the first taste of his new album ÷ (yes, I had to copy/paste that symbol from Google) with “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill,” a double single that further solidified a thought that he should potentially start a pop punk band. Over the last few days, Sheeran has rolled out a pair of videos to accompany the singles.

First up was “Castle On The Hill,” which visually portrays the growing pains and nostalgia that were expressed in the song’s lyrics, with a teenage lookalike of Sheeran hanging with friends, drinking, and running around. Meanwhile, the present-day version of Sheeran sits alone in the same locations. Very deep.

“Shape of You” is more gritty than “Castle On The Hill,” seeing Sheeran working out in an underground boxing ring next to another boxer, played by Jennie Pegouskie. Needless to say, the two fall in love and there is a happy dating montage, but it isn’t long before Pegouskie mysteriously disappears and leaves a picture behind in her locker, leaving Sheeran to continue exercising fueled by rage. Then he fights a Sumo wrestler, who hands his ass to him. Luckily, Pegouskie shows up at the last minute to save Sheeran. What’s more romantic than that? Watch below.

÷ is out March 3rd, and you can pre-order some cool bundles here.