Here’s What We Know About Emin, The Russian Pop Star Involved In The Donald Trump Jr. Scandal

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If the details surrounding the mysterious and hotly-contested meeting involving Donald Trump Jr., his father’s campaign manager, and a possibly Kremlin-connected individual with dirt on the Clintons sounded like the setup to bad joke already, then the revelation that the meeting was facilitated by the publicist of a Russian pop star sounds like the poorly worked punchline.

Obviously, other ties to Russia and the ongoing investigation into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election make all of this even more dubious. Yet, here we are, with more proof that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The newly-released emails made the situation come to a head this morning, and piqued interest in the pop star at the center of it all.

Rob Goldstone, a music publicist who has worked for artists like Michael Jackson and James Taylor and was formerly a tabloid journalist in Britain, is currently the president of a marketing company called Oui2 Entertainment. Goldstone got involved in the political mishaps of the Trump clan by offering information from Russia via email. He claimed that his client, Emin, had dirt from family connections that would help the Trump campaign.

As the story unfolds, many of us are wondering, just who is this Emin character, and what is his connection the Trumps? Read on to learn more.