Eminem Has Chosen A Winner For His Fast-Rapping ‘Godzilla’ Challenge

Around this time last month, Eminem issued a challenge to his fans: He wanted to see who could make the best video of themselves rapping along with the rapid-fire final section of his recent hit, “Godzilla.” Eminem promised prizes for his favorite clips, and since then, many have entered. Now, somebody has won.

The top prize went to a user named “jacksherlock1,” who used his video to flex his Eminem fanhood by showing off all the Eminem vinyl he has collected. Although jacksherlock1 didn’t actually rap the verse in the video, his lip-syncing appears to be pretty spot-on. It’s not yet clear what prize(s) the winner will receive aside from some social media attention.

Sadly, Biz Markie’s amazing and indisputably perfect entry was disqualified, as the contest was for amateurs only.

This announcement follows the release of the song’s wild official video, in which he breathes fire, gets punched by Mike Tyson, and engages in other shenanigans. Meanwhile, despite what an erroneous Marco Rubio tweet may have led some Eminem fans to believe, the rapper does not have an album or project called “Marshall Law” on the way.

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