Eminem’s BET Hip-Hop Awards Freestye Tweet Is His Most Shared Of All Time

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Eminem’s tweet with the embedded video to his controversial BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle verse (now apparently titled “Storm” according to the tweet’s caption) has become the Detroit rapper’s most shared tweet of all time, with 145,198 retweets and 292,472 likes at the time of this writing.

Of course, the normally social media-inactive “Campaign Speech” rapper is far from a regular viral sensation, and his own tweet of his own verse was dwarfed by shares from the likes of BET’s own account (238,097 retweets, 409,175 likes) or even someone like Lebron James (292,064 retweets, 690,155 likes), whose own Donald Trump-insulting “U Bum” tweet has well over a half million retweets and a million and a half likes. Still, that’s a lot of eyeballs on a verse that is already notorious for not only flaming a sitting US President but sparking a massive online debate about the veracity and technical proficiency of his freestyle as well.

Of course, picking on that most thin-skinned of politicians has ironically become something of a national pastime for entertainers of all sorts, with everybody from R&B superstar John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen taking shots at him — to the point the latter was even blocked — as a backlash to his own rude, insulting, derogatory, inaccurate, and poorly-timed tweets. With all the Twitter activity surrounding (and overshadowing) the President’s tweets, it might be safe to say he’s one of the most reviled public figures in the world.

It doesn’t look like that trend is letting up anytime soon; Eminem’s next album is rumored to be heavily anti-Trump as well.