Sri Lankan President: Enrique Iglesias Concert Promoters ‘Should Be Whipped With A Poisonous Stingray Tail’

Is it wrong to be sexy? Well, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena was irate with concert promoter Live Events after an Enrique Iglesias concert caused several women to throw their bras onstage at the Spanish singer. The “King of Latin Pop” performed in Sri Lanka on Dec. 20 and provided “90 minutes of spectacular entertainment,” according to statement from Live Events.

However, President Sirisena stated that “indecent concerts should never receive authorization again in Sri Lanka,” after began to throw their bras onstage at Iglesias. Sirisena characterized the incident as “uncivilized behavior that goes against our culture” and that the concerts promoters should be “beaten with poisonous stingray tails.” The Sri Lankan president also railed against Live Events for expensive ticket prices for the concert.

In a statement regarding the concert, Live Events steered clear of the president’s comments, instead focusing on apologizing for security issues in the VIP ticket area and long delays when entering the venue that caused “some significant shortcomings that negatively impacted their overall concert experience.”

For Enrique Iglesias, who was promoting his album Sex and Love, it is the second concert that made headlines in 2015. At a concert in Tijuana, Mexico, Iglesias attempted to catch a flying drone and sliced his hand open that nearly took several of his fingers and led him to have reconstructive hand surgery. It would be tough to tell what would be worse, losing fingers in a drone accident or being whipped with a poisonous stingray tail. Hopefully Iglesias doesn’t have to find out about either.

(Via NME)