Erica Banks’s ‘Toot That’ Video With DreamDoll And BeatKing Is A Candy-Painted Cash Enterprise

Texas native Erica Banks certainly had some work to do to follow up the massive success of her breakout single “Buss It.” The viral track’s accompanying TikTok challenge made it and Banks a veritable household name practically overnight, so all eyes are watching for her next move. Fortunately, she and her mentor BeatKing have plenty more tricks up their sleeve.

The latest is a remix of “Toot That,” her Huey-sampling from last year’s self-titled mixtape. Produced by Sgt J, the original hijacks an interpolation of Huey’s 2007 hit “Pop, Lock & Drop It,” pairing it with the trademark slurred sounds of the Dallas native’s home state. The remix brings along New York rapper DreamDoll, who matches Banks’s boastful, uninhibited energy bar-for-bar, with a closing verse from the bass-voiced BeatKing.

Meanwhile, the video imagines the women as owner-operators of a “baddie consulting firm,” flashing an 800 number across the screen as they count cash with their carefully manicured claws and train their clients on treadmills with motivational chains.

Watch Erica Banks’s “Toot That” video with DreamDoll and BeatKing above. You can also catch Banks and BeatKing in the video for Big Jade’s “Dem Girlz.”

Erica Banks is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.