Even The Police In Australia Are Making Fun Of Nickelback Now

Chad Kroeger recently explained that if we really wanted the world to be free of Nickelback, we’d simply stop giving them so much free publicity, helping the Canadian rock band sell a ton of albums in the process. He was 100 percent correct, and despite the fact that people still ripped the band for its latest album, No Fixed Address, and the paint-by-numbers first single that was conveniently “inspired by” the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the band’s latest effort debuted to poor sales. So does that mean we can finally stop making Nickelback the punchline of every joke about awful music?

Not really. Australia’s Queensland Police Service decided to make a little joke at the band’s expense yesterday on Facebook when it shared this image of a Nickelback CD being unwrapped as a gift in the office’s Secret Santa pool. While the punchline is obvious, I’d say the joke gets an A+ for execution.