Everyone Dies In The Trailer For Metallica’s ‘Through The Never’ Concert Movie

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07.20.13 6 Comments

Did you come out of The Dark Knight Rises and think to yourself, “Yeah, that movie was pretty good, but it could have used more death, Molotov cocktails, and Metallica songs”? If so, then you’re going to love Metallica Through the Never, the metal band’s IMAX movie that’s both a concert and James Hetfield’s Road Warrior.

A preview clip of the R-rated film features a series of disturbing images crossed with concert footage that brought shouts of approval from the 7,000 fans who waited all day to get inside Hall H for the panel.

Actor Dane DeHaan plays the lead character in the Nimrod Antal [ed note: PERFECT] film, opening Sept. 27 on IMAX screens. He’s a roadie sent on a mission to recover a broken-down truck and a secret package by the band during a concert. What he finds along the way is completely unexpected. (Via)

“No, it can’t be,” the roadie says. “NOOOOOO.” *the camera pans out to reveal that his CD collection has been replaced with thouands of copies of St. Anger* St. Anger was Rosebud this entire time.


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