Watch Ewan McGregor’s Heart-Rending Cover Of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’

Contributing Writer

David Bowie died a month ago today and the tributes to the late icon still haven’t ceased. While the waves of covers from musicians who felt inspired by Bowie were expected, this cover of “Heroes” by Scottish actor Ewan McGregor comes straight out of left-field. Even more surprising? McGregor absolutely nails it.

The actor took the stage at Los Angeles’ Roxy Theatre during a tribute concert to David Bowie. McGregor had previously sang the song on-screen during the “Elephant Love Medley” in the campy 2001 musical Moulin Rouge!

McGregor expressed his joy over being tagged to pay tribute to David Bowie in one of L.A.’s most-famous venues in an Instagram post.

Bowie’s Spiders From Mars-era keyboardist Mike Garson, R&B singer Seal, and actor Gary Oldman also took part in the tribute. Seal performed “Bring Me The Disco King” and Oldman took on “The Man Who Sold The World.”

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