Fact: Janelle Monáe Is The Fiercest Pop Star Going Right Now

09.12.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Trying to make sense of Janelle Monáe makes no sense. On The Electric Lady, the second science-fiction funk installment of her seven-part Metropolis series, Monáe speaks through her android avatar Cindi Mayweather, just as she did on 2010’s The ArchAndroid, yet she sounds more remarkably human than most current-day pop stars. She cinematically dives into decades worth of R&B, rock, and soul, with obvious nods to the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Os Mutantes, and Prince (who appears on “Givin Em What They Love”), and what emerges is impressively unique and, the reason why she’s always more than just her android alter-ego, necessarily alive.

Oh yeah, and she’s fierce as f*ck. With all due respect to Beyoncé, here’s why Monáe is our fiercest pop star.

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1. Because while performing on Late Show, she danced on Letterman’s desk. Dave’s killed people for less.

janelle lettermanjanelle letterman 2janelle letterman 3janelle letterman 4


2. Because that cop can’t make sense of the android standing next to her.

janelle cop


3. Because President Barack Obama is one of her biggest fans.

janelle obama


4. Because THAT HAIR. Every pop star needs a “thing”; that’s hers.

double janelle


5. Because this is the only selfie I’ve ever looked at that hasn’t made me want to smash all cellphones.

janelle selfie


6. Because she poses naturally next to larger versions of herself.

janelle chair


7. Because even Erykah Badu is calling her the Queen.

janelle queen


8. Because her first album was an android concept album inspired by Metropolis. HER FIRST ALBUM.

janelle first album


9. Because Prince sent her a singing telegram. Also, she’s friends with Prince.

janelle prince


10. Because I’m pretty sure this GIF is the epitome of cool.

janelle cool


11. Because she’s not afraid to brag about her accomplishments, as she should.

janelle vogue 2janelle vogue 3


12. Because here she is, sitting on Stevie Wonder’s lap.

janelle stevie


13. Because on “Dance Apocalyptic,” she created a word, “chalangalangalang,” which is very important.

janelle squiggly


14. Because she owns a crowd like no one’s business, with or without shoes.

janelle crowdjanelle crowd2janelle crowd3janelle crowd4janelle crowd5janelle crowd6


15. Because this GIF should be the definition of “fierce.”

janelle stylejanelle style 2janelle style 3janelle style 5


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