Boyz II Men And Fall Out Boy Teamed Up For A Live Performance Of ‘Motownphilly’

As the year comes to a close, so too does the storied institution of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mash Up Mondays. This November already brought up such great team-ups as Color Me Badd and Brad Paisley as Color Me Bradd, as well as Jewel And The Gang and Joss Stone Temple Pilots. But to finish strong, Jimmy Kimmel brought in the big guns: Fall Out Boyz II Men.

The two powerhouses teamed up to perform Boyz II Men’s iconic banger “Motownphilly,” and it turned out really great. If there’s any gripe to be had, they could have added on even more to the performance. For one, Boyz II Men surprisingly love to shred, as evidenced by them covering Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at their shows, so hand them some axes!

Also, just on a side note, Arcade Fire also likes to cover “Motownphilly”; too bad their name doesn’t make an easy pun. But back to what’s at hand: these two acts were clearly vibing, why not shift into an impromptu “End Of The Road” or “Sugar We’re Going Down?” Either way, it was a raucous way to close out the month of Mash Up Mondays, and now the writers of Kimmel will throw darts at a board for the next five months, hoping that two bands will share a word for the next run.

(Via YouTube)