Fall Out Boy’s New ‘Young And Menace’ Video Is A Trippy, Nightmarish Look At Domestic Violence

It’s been a couple years since we heard from Fall Out Boy, but more importantly, it’s been a long while since we’ve heard anything this inventive, nightmarish and challenging from the Chicago emo band. Given the fact that emo is undergoing a revival of sorts, rock is certainly not dead, and the nostalgia cycle has kicked into full gear, all the factors are right for Pete Wentz, Patrick Sump and crew to be staging a massive comeback. Their new single “Young And Menace” is exactly that.

In a trippy video punctuated by costumed, scary unicorns, a young protagonist escapes what looks to be a very suffocating home life and explores the world on her own. It’s not until later, when she explores a world where no one can understand her language, catches a brief glimpse of the band performing the new song, and wakes back up, that we realize the “monsters” from before were her parents. Particularly, the abusive father figure in her life, who goes so far as to physically attack her mother in the video. While she tries to find peace by clinging to a perfect-looking family on the front of a magazine cover, the video itself offers no real resolution.

It’s a tough, intimidating watch, and Fall Out Boy deserve some credit for tackling such a pervasive, personal issue with a strong that hews close to their original roots with plenty of updated EDM elements.

Pete Wentz shared a handwritten note about the new album on his Twitter:

Watch the video above and look for their new album Mania coming out 9/15.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence you’re not alone. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence offers countless resources for victims and survivors.