Fans Gave Tory Lanez A Taste Of His Own Medicine After He Said He Got Into A Car Accident

The past year hasn’t been the best of times for Tory Lanez. The singer, who once spent heavy time within the mainstream R&B world, would see this popularity quickly vanish after Megan Thee Stallion confirmed that the Canadian act shot her last July. The incident forced Megan to get surgery for her injuries while Tory was later hit with assault and gun charges. It also saw many fans across the music world rightfully turn their backs on the singer, and if you thought those ill feelings faded away a collection of tweets from them in response to a message from Tory has proven otherwise this week.

Tory revealed that he was recently involved in a car accident during an Uber ride in Sherman Oaks, California. “We almost just died,” he said about the matter to his followers. “We got into a car accident in a fu*kin’ Uber. Oh my gosh, bro.”

In a later tweet, he added, “It almost felt like someone knew to crash into us.” After fans caught wind of the news about Tory’s car accident as well as his suspicions about it, many decided that giving him a taste of his own medicine was a better move than sending get well wishes.

One person wrote, “Was yall there to see the accident in the car that he was supposedly in? Gotta hear both sides before we jump to conclusions.” This of course is a reference to Tory denying that he shot Megan and going as far as to question the validity of her claims. Many other fans would share similar responses to the car accident news. Another asked, “Is the car good?” while a third person wrote, “I’m on the cars side! we don’t know everything that happened.”

You can read more responses from fans below.

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