Father John Misty’s New Album Is Already Written, But Don’t Expect Another Ode To Love

Father John Misty, or the artist formerly known as J. Tillman, just released his sophomore album I Love You, Honeybear in February. But according to an interview FJM gave to NME, he already has a follow-up album written.

There’s no telling if he’ll swing back into the ultra-depressed lounge singer style of his earlier release, but Tillman says that he’s done with the subject of love, which permeated every track of Honeybear.

His former fixation with the “L”-word makes sense. Tillman got married while working on Honeybear. But it appears that the singer is tired of the whole idea of romance.

“I have no interest in writing about love anymore,” he said. “I’m kind of worn out on that.”

Tillman said that he considered his last album an accomplishment for reaching “so far out of [his] wheelhouse” and added that “writing about intimacy afforded [him] an unexpected level of clarity” that he’s put to use for his latest album. As for the subject matter, it seems like the notoriously inward-looking FJM is focusing on the rest of society. He cited tracks like “Bored In The U.S.A.” and “Holy Sh*t” as examples of what fans should expect from his next album.

Tillman seems to have an idea of what the theme of his fourth album will be as well.

“Pure vodka,” he joked. “Just ‘The Vodka Album.'”

(Via NME)