Father John Misty’s ‘Please Don’t Die’ Video Is As Stop-Motion Zombie Musical

Father John Misty just released an album last year, the hotly debated Pure Comedy (spoiler alert — it’s great!), an album that weighed in on the political moment, viral fame, and the plight of humankind in general with clever quips and downright gut-wrenching wisdom, all tied together with Josh Tillman’s signature melodic charm. But, despite that album’s recent drop, Tillman has followed it up already with another record that is perhaps even more exquisite. Departing abruptly from the tone that permeated Pure Comedy, his latest, God’s Favorite Customer is a dark, heartbreaking masterwork.

Look no farther than today’s newly released video for the starkly titled “Please Don’t Die” to get a gauge for the entire project’s feel. The clip, which you can watch above, is an animated stop-motion video that follows Tillman’s journey from a trashed hotel room through a zombie-laden landscape. At the end, as he teeters on the brink of his own grave, pulled down by a surging horde of the undead, he is unexpectedly saved at the last moment, and ascends not just to the land of the living, but back up and beyond, into the sky. It’s quite the complement to the narrative of the record, and encapsulates the deeply held, earnest emotions that typify his new release, which is out tomorrow. Watch the clips above.

God’s Favorite Customer is out tomorrow via Sub Pop. Get it here.