Fetty Wap Was Arrested For Drunk Drag Racing On A Suspended License In New York

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According to a report from NBC New York, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap has been arrested for drunk drag racing on the Gowanus Expressway early Friday morning.

Although the report doesn’t list exactly how fast he was going, it does note that he was driving a black Mercedes at high speed around 1 AM this morning when he was spotted by police. The officer who pulled him over asserted that he was “causing dangerous conditions to other drivers” and noted signs of intoxication, prompting the officer to give Fetty a field sobriety test. The rapper failed. After being taken to the precinct, he failed another test, which may end up proving costly as he was also driving with a suspended New Jersey driver’s license.

The list of charges against Fetty Wap includes reckless endangerment, illegal speed contest, driving while intoxicated and numerous other offenses. His arraignment has been scheduled for later today. This isn’t the first time he was caught driving on a suspended license; he’s had it suspended several times since 2010 for a number of reasons including missed child support payments and was last arrested for driving on a suspended license last July. Fortunately for Fetty, his stock market experiments have been paying off, so he should be able to make those payments and hire a good lawyer.