Flipp Dinero Dodges A SWAT Team With Lil Baby In His Suspenseful ‘How I Move’ Video

Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero narrowly dodges a SWAT team raid in his suspenseful new “How I Move” video co-starring Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. In the Kid Art-directed clip, the two rappers take to the ledge outside an apartment window moments before the police kick the door down. From there, they rap their verses while ducking a helicopter spotlight, then relocate to the next apartment over, where a bunch of beautiful women are having a dance party.

An overhead split screen shot shows the contrasting activities of each unit; in one, Flipp and Baby enjoy the company of lovely ladies, while in the other, the SWAT team tosses furniture, cuts up a mattress, and generally causes mayhem. As Flipp and Baby empty their hidden stash spot behind a painting, the police are clued in by knocking on the hollow wall. However, by the time they break through the drywall, the party is over, the attendees are gone, and the two rappers have escaped without a trace — along with several duffle bags’ worth of cash.

“How I Move” is the latest video from Flipp’s Love For Guala debut album that dropped last November and also featured the singles “Westside” and Flipp’s breakout hit “Leave Me Alone.” The 24-year-old rapper’s profile has steadily risen since “Leave Me Alone” hit the Hot 100 in 2018, and with looks like “Westside” and “How I Move” proving that he has the talent to back his breakout hit, it looks like Flipp might just be a hip-hop mainstay for the foreseeable future.

Press play on the “How I Move” video above.