Flo Milli Reminds Us That Fumbling Her Is A Major L On Her New Single, ‘Never Lose Me’

Flo Milli continues to make a case for why you want her on your team. Tonight (December 1), the Alabama native has dropped her catchy new bop of a single, “Never Lose Me.”

On “Never Lose Me,” Flo reminds us that she’s hard to woo, and she’s even harder to keep.

“How you gon’ prove you could treat me right? / You stole my heart like a thief in the night / Yeah, he my man, he was never your type / If you try me, ho, it’s on sight,” she raps on one of the song’s verses.

On the chorus, she hammers home to a romantic interest, “Tell me you don’t ever wanna lose me.”

This particular single is one of Flo’s more melodic songs, as she showcases both her rap skills and her soft, R&B vocal stylings. In an interview with The Forty Five, which took place earlier this year, Flo said we can expect her upcoming second album, Fine Ho, Stay to demonstrate more rawness.

“I’ve been [exploring that vulnerability] a little bit more,” said Flo. “But I’ve been exploring lots of different pockets. Y’all will see on the new album the versatility that I bring.”

You can listen to “Never Lose Me” above.