Floyd Mayweather Hits Back At T.I. And Kevin Hart Hard For Their Roast Session

Breaking news! Floyd Mayweather is so wealthy that he has checks he hasn’t even deposited yet. We learned this early Tuesday morning when the boxer posted an incredibly insane $100 million check in response to a T.I. and Kevin Hart roasting session.

Hart and T.I. were with friends and cracking jokes when Hart told one of his buddies to get their “Mayweather father face ass up outta here.” The joke wasn’t really that funny, but you couldn’t tell that to Tip. The rapper laughed as if he just heard the funniest burn in the history of comedy. That’s probably why he decided to share the clip with his fans on Instagram. That and because he’s still beefing with Floyd Mayweather.

Two years ago, T.I. took a swing at Floyd Mayweather after the boxing champ took a picture with the rapper’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and told him to “control his bitch.” The beef with reignited again last month when Tiny took another picture with Money Mayweather during a Halloween party. It was such a big damn deal that Tiny had to go on TMZ to explain why she was simply taking a picture with her husband’s foe and that it meant nothing. Then on Tuesday, somebody posted footage of Tiny from the same party, dancing with someone purported to be Mayweather. Which leads us back to T.I. posting that clip of Kevin Hart and the Mayweather joke and Mayweather getting back at both of them with his $100 million check.

According to the boxer, there’s no comparison between him and “back seat drivers” making fun of him because he will “ultimately always have the last laugh.” Mayweather said on Instagram that the joke is really on everyone else because they have to work for a living while he’s “happily retired” with several similar uncashed checks like the one he posted.

At the end of the day, it’s them Benjamin Franklins that matter to me, so the jokes on you. I’ve made smart investments, sorry for those who thought that I couldn’t read, write, or count. Y’all call them watches, I call them timepieces. Y’all call them boats, I call them yachts. Y’all call them houses, I call them mansions. Y’all charter jets and we own jets. #TMT

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is reportedly is $650 million. T.I. and Kevin Hart are also millionaires. The only real loser here is me, TBH.