Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Had The Musical Surprise Of A Lifetime At Her Sweet 16

In case you needed a reminder, it’s really, really good being the champ. Floyd Mayweather, the retired world-champion who’s often at the top of any wealthiest athletes list, splashed all kinds of cash on his daughter Lyanna’s Sweet 16 party on Saturday.

While your sister’s Sweet 16 might have been big news for getting the local high school band to play, Floyd took it a few steps further, with both Drake and Future playing a set.

Lyanna was also lucky enough to get a shout out from Justin Bieber via video:

This is insane! I mean, great for Lyanna, getting two of the biggest artists in the world at her party. That’s the type of bash that gets talked about for years at school. Two years from now, there ain’t going to be a kid in that school who wasn’t there, or so they’ll all say.

But let’s hope she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Floyd isn’t the most humble man in the world (and maybe that’s what being the best boxer on the planet is all about, arguably), so here’s hoping his daughter realizes how lucky she is.

And if she doesn’t? Eh, who cares, she’s 16. Nobody’s aware of anything but the world revolving around them at age 16. All you should have to worry about at that age is doing your homework and having fun with your friends, and it looks like at least one of those things was done well.

(via FTW)