Flyana Boss Boastful ‘B*tch Imma Star’ Track Basks In Their Bright Spotlight

While Flyana Boss proved the power of manifestation with their breakout hit “You Wish,” the best friend rap duo’s latest release just states the facts. “Bitch Imma Star” sees Folayan and Bobbi flexing on their exes while owning their newfound notoriety (it also finds Bobbi rhyming “arthritis” and “hippopotamus” and making it work, which is just more proof that these girls are the best thing to happen to hip-hop since 2020 at least). It’s another track that makes it clear they’re just having fun and not taking things too seriously, which is what has been earning them fans at a breakneck pace.

As they’ve been enjoying the success of their breakout, they’ve also been living out its lyrics, finding themselves practically actually swimming in new brand deals. They made a joking reference to this with a “brand plug” in their “You Wish” video, but they also recorded a new commercial jingle for Pizza Hut, so it seems like Bobbi had a point when she wrote that fan-favorite bar. The girls are currently on tour with Janelle Monáe and recently got a co-sign from Missy Elliott, so it sounds like they really are stars now.

You can listen to “Bitch Imma Star” above.

Flyana Boss is a Warner Music artist. .