Flyana Boss’ ‘Powerpuf Girls’-Inspired ‘You Wish’ Video Cheekily Addresses Their ‘Industry Plant’ Allegations

These days, it seems every new artist who finally catches their big break with a viral hit also tends to catch accusations of being an “industry plant.” Totally aside from this being a delusional way for sourpuss haters to undermine other peoples’ successes, it’s also usually a reflection of a triumphant rollout doing exactly what so many fans say they want: Artist development.

Naturally, Flyana Boss has been the target of exactly those sorts of allegations as a result of the ubiquity of their hit single “You Wish.” They tackle those head-on in the video for the song, which they finally shared today after three months of social media dominance and a remix featuring none other than OG “weird Black girl” Missy Elliott.

Like their newfound mentor, Flyana Boss leans all the way into their geeky inspirations in the colorful video, which references one of their favorite cartoons, The Powerpuff Girls, casting the rappers as kaiju-like monsters demolishing a miniature cardboard city. They also have some fun with those “industry plant” accusations, plopping themselves into a planter marked “industry” and adding an interlude with a DoorDash delivery guy who declares himself the “brand plug” after realizing he’s on a music video set.

It’s a good, funny video that perfectly showcases the girls’ quirky shared sense of humor and dynamic, best-buds chemistry. Enjoy it above.

Flyana Boss is a Warner Music artist. .