Frank Ocean Is Recording His New Album At The Legendary Abbey Road Studios

While everyone is still speculating on Frank Ocean‘s upcoming second studio album, we now have a few more details. In an interview with BBC, French pianist Christophe Chassol gave a hint to what the new album may sound like, as reported by Digital Spy:

“So we start to work on a track and he says, this track is this – that car that you can see. He makes me work on a song, and I’m like, ‘oh this sounds like Pino Donaggio’s score for Blow Out, by Brian De Palma’.”

He also spilled that the album is being made at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, recording home for some of the greatest albums by The Beatles, Radiohead, Oasis, and more currently Lady Gaga and Florence and the Machine. Chassol also said of Ocean’s visual process:

“The guy is smart. He’s really smart. The way he works in the studio is really cool. He has a printer, he has a lot of pictures of architecture, contemporary art, a lot of pictures of different kinds of things.”

Frank Ocean’s second studio album is due out this summer.

(Via Digital Spy and BBC)

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