Frank Ocean’s Mom Wants Kim Burrell Off His Song After Her Homophobic Rant

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Kim Burrell’s homophobia got her booted from an appearance on Ellen this week, and if Frank Ocean’s mom has her way that won’t be the only thing the gospel legend is unceremoniously removed from this week. Frank’s mom Katonya took to Twitter after the controversy to make one simple request to her son: “Can we crop Kim Burrells [sic] voice out of your song??”

Ocean’s mother went on to call Burrell an “opportunistic” 5-letter curse word disguised by various symbols, a word we can only assume starts with a “B” and ends with an “itch.”

Frank, of course, famously came out as bisexual back in 2012, just a week before he released his Grammy award-winning album Channel Orange. Burrell is on “Godspeed,” a track off Ocean’s 2016 album — which we lauded as the best record of the yearBlonde.

The enigmatic singer is notoriously tight-lipped, so it’s unlikely he comments publicly and Katonya hasn’t tweeted since she made the request but the damage is done. Whether or not Burrell is removed is a whole other question, but Kim has yet to comment on anything in the days since her rant either on Facebook or Twitter where she is typically an active user. Doubt we’ll hear from Frank on this either, given his long silences. But the message has come through loud and clear — homophobia isn’t good for your career.