Frank Ocean’s Scintillating Studio Performance Of ‘Nikes’ Is Even Better Than The Original

The reclusive Frank Ocean doesn’t update his social media accounts often, but you can rest assured that whenever he does it’ll be a gem. Frank remained true to form when he returned to Tumblr for the first time in two months and posted a grainy video of himself performing the Blond cut “Nikes” and it’s marvelous.

Frank is performing in a studio, backed by a piano player and he simply belts out a rendition of the song that’s even better than the official, studio version. The performance is in line with his dazzling festival performances this summer, where he made plenty of headlines for his wardrobe and supporting cast, but continued to blow fans away with his vocal performances even in a live setting.

Ever the enigma, Frank has continued to be the most mysterious and sequestered superstar in music. He appears at random, releasing music seemingly with no rhyme or reason, whether the songs are potential hits featuring big name guests or simple covers of tracks he apparently enjoys. His Blonded radio is the easiest way to keep up with him, but even that has no set schedule and pops up, seemingly at a whim, whether it’s during a major awards show or in the middle of a random night. The only thing we can know for sure is Frank will continue to deliver gems, even if we have no clue when they’ll arrive.