Frankie Cosmos Get Confronted By Another Band Named Frankie Cosmos In Their Funny ‘Apathy’ Video

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During the promotional cycle for their new album, Vessel, Frankie Cosmos has been having some fun with their videos. In their clip for “Jesse,” they messed around with the popular fringe YouTube video genres of ASMR and slime videos. Now they’re back with a video for “Apathy,” and it’s also pretty silly.

In the clip, directed by Tom Scharpling, a different band named Frankie Cosmos comes across the Frankie Cosmos that we know and love, so they go to one of their shows and meet them outside after, with the intent of intimidating them into changing their band name. Frankie Cosmos leader Greta Kline nonchalantly flips open her switchblade, and that’s the end of that conflict. Kline says that the video was a delight to make with Scharpling:

“I am a huge fan of Tom Scharpling’s work and was so thrilled that we got to work together on this video. I trusted him entirely and just wanted to let Tom and his team do their thing. We had so much fun making it… I was laughing so much that it probably took much longer than it should have to shoot my parts.”

Watch the “Apathy” video above, and check out Frankie Cosmos’ upcoming tour dates below.

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