Franz Ferdinand Covers Angel Olsen’s ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ With The Right Amount Of Attitude And Gusto

One of the best parts of the album release cycle is when a band or artist records a cover for a studio session. And with the rise of streaming, there are even more platforms for this to happen. Part of the joy is having more unexpected music from our favorite artists, but a big part of it is seeing who these artists decide to cover. At that, Franz Ferdinand opting to pay tribute to Angel Olsen is hardly expected, but when the Scottish indie rock lifers decided to bust out one of her tunes for SiriusXM, the marriage turned out to be a good one.

“Shut Up Kiss Me” was Olsen’s big single from her acclaimed 2016 album, My Woman, and though the song makes use of her unpredictable vocal cadence, the track itself is still remarkably sturdy without it. In the hands of Franz Ferdinand, it instantly becomes apparent that singer Alex Kapranos has his own fascinating vocal delivery that makes the song his own. It’s a song that benefits greatly from attitude, and both Olsen and Franz Ferdinand have that to spare.

Check out Franz Ferdinand’s cover of Angel Olsen’s “Shut Up Kiss Me” above, and look for their quite good new album, Always Ascending, out this Friday.