Freddie Gibbs Explains Why He Was Nervous To Meet LeBron James: ‘I Thought He Was Gonna Beat My Ass’

Freddie Gibbs has long been an avid basketball fan and in recent months, he’s taken advantage of his recent bump in rap game prominence to enjoy the game up close and personal, even getting to take home the jersey of his favorite team’s best player, DeMar DeRozan after finally equaling Chi-Town hometown hero Chance The Rapper (who he blamed for taking up all the tickets in the first place) in the comp ticket hierarchy.

However, Gibbs recently revealed he was actually reticent to meet with one player, in particular, the guy who happens to be pretty much the face of the NBA: LeBron James. The reason? Gibbs has been one of the many, many prominent spectators trashing the Los Angeles Lakers’ lackluster season, often posting video clips of himself watching their games and providing his own commentary. The Lakers are currently 28-36 and rank 4.5 games behind the #8 seed Clippers, meaning they could miss the playoffs for the second time in James’ tenure as the Lakers’ top dog.

So, when Gibbs met LeBron during Super Bowl weekend in LA recently, he revealed in a video on Instagram, he says he was slightly worried about a confrontation with the much bigger basketball star. “I talked to LeBron [at] Super Bowl weekend,” he said. ” I was like, ‘Oh sh*t!’ Look, I thought LeBron was gonna beat my ass. I ain’t even gon’ lie, man. I was prepared to get my ass whooped for talking sh*t about the Lakers.”

Fortunately, though, LeBron is pretty chill about the trash talk — maybe he’s used to it after 17 years in the NBA (and the four years of high school preceding that). Hopefully, this can lead to a Gibbs appearance on The Shop, because Freddie is one amusing storyteller and needs somewhere to crack jokes that isn’t the Joe Rogan podcast.

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