Freddie Gibbs Is Mad At Logic For Stealing His Album Cover And Trailer And He’s Kind Of Wrong

When all is said and done 2017 might end up being the year rap beef came back in a real way. We’ve of course had Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown I guess, and now Freddie Gibbs and Logic.

Wait, what?

Yeah, it’s an odd pairing for sure but it appears Gangsta Gibbs has a bone to pick with the always-morphing, chameleon Logic. Hilariously enough, Gibbs gripe might be flawed but who cares if it results in these two going at each other’s head right?

Freddie took to Instagram to call out Logic for, as he put it, “blatantly jock(ing) my sh*t” by releasing his new artwork for his album Everybody with a trailer that is reminiscent to the trailer that Gibbs released for his own new album You Only Live 2wice. Both covers are painted in a fashion similar to famous ancient paintings from the 1500s in Europe, and both were revealed in a video that depicts them as exhibits in a museum being viewed by tourists.

The problem is, Logic’s cover and presumably his trailer has been in the works for well over six months according to the artist who created the cover. The piece was inspired by a trip Logic took to the Louvre museum in Paris where he saw the historic Paolo Veronese painting “The Wedding at Cana.”

So yeah, this appears to be just a case of great minds think alike, or coincidence but again, it’ll be worth it if Gibbs launches a real lyrical attack at Logic for the hell of it. Either way check out both trailers below and be the judge for yourself.